Public File for Pop Hits


Every digital radio station operating in the United Kingdom is obligated to adhere to specific criteria concerning its music selection, content, and other aspects like news and speech levels. These guidelines are outlined in the station’s “Format,” a document issued by Ofcom, the official radio regulator in the UK.

This Public File serves as a comprehensive repository of information pertaining to the components regulated by Ofcom, including details about music tracks, news, and more. Its purpose is to provide you with a deeper insight into our broadcasting content and the nature of our operations.

News Bulletin schedule

Pop Hits broadcasts a mix of UK and world news hourly between 0700 & 1800 on weekdays and between 0800 & 1200 on weekends. We also broadcast news headline updates at 0730 & 0830 on weekdays.

Our news is provided by a third party called Radio News Hub

Programme Schedule

The Pop Hits programme schedule can be found here. This includes details of all the shows broadcast on the station and you can find links to individual show pages here.

All programmes are produced by Pop Hits parent company Radio Kube Limited and some are shared with other Hits Player stations.


Pop Hits plays a mix of pop songs from the 80s to today.

Station Contact Details

You can e-mail us at

You can call the station on 03333 441 214.

You can WhatsApp us on 07950 805 788.

Comment or Complain about the station

If you would like to comment or make a complaint about Pop Hits, please e-mail

If you are unhappy with the response you receive, you can complain directly to the regulator, Ofcom.

Ofcom Contact Details

OFCOM (Office of Communications) is the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services. Information for consumers and information regarding this station is available on their website

If listeners wish to report any Pirate Radio interference to Ofcom this can now also be done directly by accessing:

Last Updated: 05/03/24