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How to Listen

Hits Player

Get the Hits Player app and listen to all your favourite hit stations, on-demand content and interviews in this free app.

Smart Speaker

If you have an Alexa smart speaker, you can enable the Fresh Hits skill by clicking on the logos below, and just say one of the following phrases whenever you want to listen to Fresh Hits.


  • “Alexa open Fresh Hits”
  • “Alexa start Fresh Hits”
  • “Alexa launch Fresh Hits”
  • “Alexa play Fresh Hits”

Other Smartphone Apps  

You can also listen to Fresh Hits on the following free smartphone apps, which also work with Android Auto and Apple Carplay in your car, so you can take Fresh Hits with you on your commute. Click on the logos to launch on your phone if you already have the app or search your app store and download one of the apps.

Web Player

You can listen to Fresh Hits via our online web player, just click on the Listen Live button on the top right of the webpage.

Ways To Listen

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